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Surgical CO2 laser course for ENT


6-7 september 2018

Join Lumenis at their upcoming workshop at CHL Clinique d'Eich, Luxembourg

The workshop is intended to orientate ENT surgeons looking to work with CO2 lasers during their procedures, particularly on benign and malignant pathologies in oropharynx or larynx.

The course includes performing supervised training - HOT exercises on fresh pigs larynges for ENT - for better understanding of laser tissue interaction.

Participants will receive a final certification.

Workshop on CO2 laser procedures for ENT - CHL Clinique d'Eich (Luxembourg) - September 6-7, 2018


CHL Clinique d'Eich
78 rue d'Eich
L-1460 Luxembourg


6-7 september 2018


Please go to information.lumenis.com to reserve your seat

Number is limited to 4 attendees (first come, first served basis).

There will be a registration fee for this course of $375.00

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